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Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends? Is He Warwick?

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Is Vander Warwick
Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends

Curious about Vander in the Arcane League of Legends series? Let’s see the discussion through this one article!

Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends

This article may contain spoilers, especially for those who have not watched the Arcane League of Legends series. So for those of you who don’t want to be exposed to spoilers, then you should skip this article!

Vander is one of the characters in the Arcane series that has caused a lot of debate for fans. Even though he only appears in the first act, Vander is a character who has an important role, especially in the main characters, namely Jinx and Vi.

Many viewers theorize that Vander is one of the Champions in League of Legends, namely Warwick. However, is this theory correct? So, instead of being curious, let’s take a good look at the discussion about Vander through this one article!

Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends?

Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends
Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends

Since the first episode of Arcane, Vander has been introduced as the adoptive father of Vi, Powder, and the other orphans in the Lanes. Before he raised Vi and Powder, Vander was the mastermind of a rebellion against the elite in Piltover — because he firmly believed that violence could bring about change in the upper regions.

However, all of Vander’s ideals begin to change after the tragedy that takes the lives of many Lanes or Zauns — including Vi and Powder’s parents, who were killed in the tragedy.

Because of the bad incident, Vander felt very guilty and began to change his outlook on life.

In this case, Silco, Vander’s old comrade who was considered a brother by him, felt betrayed and abandoned because the Vander he met was not the Vander he used to be.

Vander also became someone who taught Vi how to fight and taught him how to fight against Vi. Vi briefly imitates Vander’s fighting style on a mission to save him when Silco kidnaps Vander.

Overall, Vander is the most influential figure in Zaun. Apart from being a parent to Vi and Powder, Vander has also become a ‘leader’ there.

Is Vander Warwick?

Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends
Who is Vander in Arcane League of Legends

Many viewers speculated that Vander was Warwick before he turned into a werewolf because of the Champion’s interactions. So, is this Vander the human form of Warwick?

In Champion Warwick’s lore, it is written that “Warwick struggles to recall memories from his past. All he could see was blood, but then he heard a little girl screaming, shouting something she didn’t understand. That scream sounded like a name.” The lore snippet fits perfectly with the ending of the third Arcane episode, where a dying Vander might hear Powder screaming for Vi.

Another thing proves that Warwick is Vander, namely in his interaction with Vi in the game. Warwick says, “Who taught you how to punch?” As it was written above that Vander had taught Vi how to fight using fists.

Warwick also briefly said, “You were there, let me forget it,” to Jinx/Powder. This may refer to the Arcane ending in episode three.

So, in conclusion, it could be that Vander is Warwick because of the interactions in the game, and the lore made for Warwick describes Vander. But this is still not proven true because this is still only a fan theory.


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