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WhatsApp Introduces Its Latest Features, Community

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WhatsApp Community

Sometime before, we got so much news about any application that was getting an update, and WhatsApp was no exception. Not wanting to be less popular than its competitors, now this instant messaging application from Facebook introduces its newest feature, namely Community.

New Features For The Green

WhatsApp Community Screenshot

As reported by XDA-Developers, they are conducting a ‘dissection’ of this WhatsApp application to find out the newest features. Version, which is a beta-version, indicates that there will be a new feature for social needs, called Community.

This latest feature seems to answer the needs of users who have already fallen in love with WhatsApp. Compared to using several instant messaging applications simultaneously, using one versatile application will undoubtedly make it easier for users.

This Community will carry an invitation system, where users can join the Community only when invited. Applications like this we can also find as in Discord and may be found in several other instant messaging applications.

QR Code WhatsApp

The way it works is more or less the same; the user can press the invitation link or through the QR Code provided. Previously, there was a notification that everyone who has the invitation link or QR Code would immediately join your Community.

Like other instant messaging applications, the Community feature on WhatsApp also has an Administrator to manage your Community. It is said that Administrators can set the number of messages that can be forwarded and even set who can send messages.

Not only that, Administrators can make other members have similar roles, change the description of the Community, and much more. It should be noted that this feature that is currently being developed will very likely be different from the Group feature that is already available.

As we know, the Group feature on WhatsApp already covers what the Community has to offer above. Therefore, let’s wait for the latest news from WhatsApp regarding this newest feature.


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