Truck With EVGA Graphics Card Has Been Hijacked and Stolen!

Truck With EVGA Graphics Card Has Been Hijacked and Stolen
Truck With EVGA Graphics Card Has Been Hijacked and Stolen

Originally posted on November 8, 2021 @ 9:00 AM

Truck With EVGA Graphics Card Has Been Hijacked and Stolen
Truck With EVGA Graphics Card Has Been Hijacked and Stolen

Talking about GPUs, we certainly know that these devices are getting harder and harder to find this year. With limited production and hard-to-find components, the problem was even worse thanks to the emergence of the Scalper, which made the stock of the device increasingly scarce. Recently, bad news emerged again that EVGA Graphics Card has just lost a Truck containing its graphics card. So, what happened? Let’s follow the following 1FIFTYFOUR News.

Through an open letter sent via EVGA’s official website on 29 October. They reported that one of the trucks that shipped the stock EVGA RTX 30 series had been stolen by someone. Furthermore, EVGA explained that this truck was heading for the San Francisco city route to the Southern California Distributor center. Meanwhile, the graphics cards listed range from 4 Million to 28 Million.

EVGA Lost Truck With RTX 30 Series Graphics Card

Truck With EVGA Graphics Card Has Been Hijacked and Stolen
Truck With EVGA Graphics Card Has Been Hijacked and Stolen

EVGA claimed that it could not provide details of the total amount of the contents of its truck. Even so, they did not hesitate to ask gamers for help to find traces of this big truck containing the GTX 30 Series. He also warned the perpetrator that the law immediately investigated this theft. Then, heavy penalties and the cost of losses will await the criminal.

To put more pressure, EVGA is ready to backlist the parties concerned. They no longer receive warranty or repair services. Fines and imprisonment will also apply to people who store, sell, and assist in selling truck contents. If you have any important clues about this loss, you can file a report via EVGA Email, namely

The law will immediately punish the thief and the party concerned

EVGA is a company from the United States that produces various PC hardware devices. This company focuses on developing Nvidia Graphics Cards such as the GeForce series. On the other hand, they also have Intel Chipset-based Motherboards for gaming needs. Along with its development, EVGA began to make devices such as Laptops, Gaming Gear, Power Supply, and All-In-One Liquid Coolers.

This incident has indirectly proven that many parties are starting to find it difficult to find Graphic Card devices this year. So, do not be surprised if groups try to get these devices through criminal acts. We certainly only provide the best support. So, what do you think about this incident? Don’t forget to write your comments below.

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