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Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan

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Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan

Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan – Who would have thought if titan became the most dangerous fighting force in Attack on Titan? There are some of the most interesting Titan Shifter facts we can discuss!

Titan is one of the most dangerous creatures in Attack on Titan. They are powerful and unforgiving creatures. Without common sense, these titans could destroy a city or a country in no time.

But even so, some titans have intelligence known as titan shifters or humans who can freely turn into titans or vice versa. In the past, the titan was considered a curse until finally, it turned into a weapon.

There are some of the most interesting titan power facts that we can discuss! Curious? This is the full review.

1. All Titan Shifters Connect with Ymir

Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan

As a power that comes from Ymir, these titan shifters are still connected to Ymir. Even after 2000 years have passed, Ymir can still know and control the power of the shifter titans even though they are dead. Ymir possessed their power from a place called Coordinates.

Well, as the person most responsible for the survival of the titan shifters, Ymir also has the power to make these titan shifters into humans. At the end of the story of Attack on Titan, Ymir releases all his power so that the titan shifters turn back into humans and lose their power to change.

2. The Titan Shifters’ Minds Are Connected

Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan

Unlike the pure titan or the mindless titan, the shifter titan has a mind and control over himself. But worse, they have the memories of the previous shifter titans. They will know the predecessor’s life and the reality of the real titan.

That’s why many titan shifters end up indecisive and get mental attacks when inheriting this power. Eren Yeager himself was confused because of this until he finally decided to become a criminal to break the chain of hatred that existed.

3. Pure Titans Can Become Human Again, As Long As…

Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan

One of the terrible things in Attack on Titan is when a human is turned into a pure titan or a mindless titan. Yes, they will not become human again and be cursed forever to be a titan until they are killed.

However, there is a way for a pure titan to become human again! The most common is that they have to eat the titan shifter to inherit its power. This method once made Falco turn from a pure titan into a human after eating Porco Galliard.

4. Have Super Powers

Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan

Speaking of pure titans, this titan is a titan who has no sense at all. But when it comes to titan shifters, they have superpowers that make them nearly unbeatable weapons. These titan shifters have unique powers that are different from one another.

However, these titans have the same power as each other. Most commonly, they can regenerate their shattered bodies back into one. Each titan shifter masters this unique power.

Regeneration seems to be a mandatory force possessed by them.

5. Limited Titan Shifter Lifespan

Titan Shifter facts in Attack on Titan

Yes, who would have thought that being a titan shifter was good? This great power is a curse. Those who become titan shifters will only be able to survive 13 years after becoming titan shifters, after which they will die. Why 13 years? Because when Ymir obtained this power, he only lasted 13 years in the world before being killed.

Their bodies will weaken during the last years of their lives until they perish. Eren Kruger, Uri Reiss, and Tom Ksaver are all ill and appear to have aged during their final year.

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