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These are 5 Trivia Arcane Season 1 that you need to know, and it turns out there is Warwick!

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Arcane Season 1
Arcane Season 1

These five Arcane Season 1 trivia may surprise you. Curious about what’s going on in Arcane Season 1. Let’s take a look below!

This article may contain spoilers, especially for those who haven’t watched the Arcane League of Legends series. So for those of you who don’t want to be exposed to spoilers, then you should skip this article!

Arcane became a much-talked-about animated Netflix series. The peak of this animation occurs in the last three episodes, where many surprising things happen. As a popular animation, Arcane also has some trivia that you should know as a connoisseur. What are some Arcane trivia that appeared in the first season? For those of you who are already curious, take a look below.

1. Claggor glasses Arcane Season 1

Arcane Season 1
Arcane. (L to R) Roger Craig Smith as Claggor, Yuri Lowenthal as Milo, Hailee Steinfeld as Vi in Arcane. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

Claggor is Vi’s little friend, who is also part of his gang. One of Claggor’s characteristics is that he is big with the glasses he wears. With Claggor, Mylo, and Powder (Jinx), Vi tries to steal some items in the upper city.

But this theft caused severe problems until, in the end, Claggor and Mylo had to die horribly. If you play League of Legends or Legends of Runeterra, you must be aware that Vi wears glasses as an accessory. It turned out that these glasses belonged to Claggor, his childhood friend.

2. The presence of Teemo Arcane Season 1

Arcane Season 1

Many of you may be annoyed with this one, Champion. Even though he looks cute, he has an annoying skill-set. In the game, Teemo can give poison effects through mushroom-shaped mines. Riot Games also included this little creature in the Arcane.

Teemo appears during the scene of Silco playing with Marcus’ child. Even though it only appears for a while through a fairy tale book, it becomes an exciting scene where Riot Games wants to include a lot of Champions into the Arcane — even though they don’t come from Piltover or Zaun.

3. The Emergence of Warwick

Arcane Season 1

In League of Legends, Warwick is a werewolf who has a ferocious desire to kill his opponents. In the lore, Warwick was created by Singed in the underworld, Zaun. Many people think that Vander isn’t dead yet, but Singed transformed him into the werewolf we know as Warwick.

Unexpectedly, it turns out that Warwick’s form is shown in episode 9. Although the scene does not show Warwick’s form completely, we can see its sharp claws and hairy body. There’s also a green potion placed on the back of his waist — similar to Warwick’s character in League of Legends.

4. “Enemy” Music Video Made A Few Days Before Arcane’s Release

Arcane Season 1

Some of you must have thought that making the music video for “Imagine Dragons and JID – Enemy” was done long ago. Riot Games animated the music video just days before the animation was released on Netflix.

This music video focuses on the city below, Zaun, which we know as the home of Vi, Powder (Jinx), Claggor, Mylo, and Ekko. Have any of you not watched the video? If not, look above.

5. Ekko Arcane’s Hair Different from Game Version

Arcane Season 1

If you play League of Legends, don’t you know something different about Ekko in Arcane? Yep, Ekko has a different appearance from the game version. Ekko’s hair in Arcane tends to be dreadlocks, much like hers in the True Damage skin.

But in the game, his hair looks straight with a mohawk style. Not a few fans want Riot Game to change Ekko’s appearance in League of Legends. How about you, do you prefer Ekko in Arcane or League of Legends?

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