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The Anime version of Tomb Raider is called Canon with The Game

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The Anime version of Tomb Raider is called Canon
The Anime version of Tomb Raider is called Canon, with the game
The Anime version of Tomb Raider is called Canon
The Anime version of Tomb Raider is called Canon

A few months ago, we got the news that Square Enix and Netflix are working together to produce an Anime series from Tomb Raider. With the help of Legendary Entertainment, this project is reportedly nearing completion. According to the news we got, the Anime version of Tomb Raider is said to be Canon with the game’s story. So, is this news trustworthy? Let’s follow the discussion of 1FIFTYFOUR below.

As we know, Tomb Raider has a distinctive theme that takes us on an adventure to mysterious temple places. Telling the adventures of the main character named Lara Croft, this game franchise has been with us for a very long time. Not wanting to be left behind with other game adaptations such as The Witcher, Tomb Raider is finally ready to be worked on directly by Netflix. One of the main concerns of this series is the nature of the Universe, like the game.

Tomb Raider Anime Adaptation Will Canon with Game Version

Through a report that we managed to get through the PCGamesN Media Site, Tasha Huo as Executive Producer of the Tomb Raider anime series, said that this project will be Canon with the game world. He continued that the series will tell Lara’s adventures when she first begins finding her father. From here, we will know how Lara began to like adventures in ancient tombs.

Interestingly, this Anime Adapted Series will also feature the Voice Actor from the game. One of them is Earl Baylon, who is ready to reprise Jonah Maiava, Lara Croft’s partner in Tomb Raider 2013. In addition, Allen Maldonado, as the voice of Zip, will also animate this project. Unfortunately, for now, we don’t know whether the game’s Voice Actor will also voice Lara Croft or not.

Bring Back the Voice Actor from the Game Version

Not only that, but dj2 Entertainment will also reportedly participate in developing the project. For those of you who don’t know, dj2 Entertainment has experience making the Sonic the Hedgehog game adaptation project. Since they haven’t leaked much information yet, we still don’t know when the series will start releasing. Furthermore, we also haven’t got the full lineup of the cast of the series.

While waiting, it never hurts to try the game version first. You can enjoy the entire Tomb Raider Trilogy on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms. As usual, PC users can directly purchase these three games through the Steam Store. So, are you ready for another adventure with Lara Croft?


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