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Strong and Tough, Here Are the 10 Best Robots Characters in Video Games

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A robot is a set of mechanical devices that can perform physical tasks, either with human supervision and control or using programs with artificial intelligence. In the real world, robots characters scan help humans in various sectors of work.

Robots also do not have limited energy and do not require particular time to rest. It automatically makes it more effective in increasing production output. Its quality is guaranteed because it is set so that the work results meet the standards.

In the real world, robots are also present in the game as protagonists or hero characters that gamers can use. Currently, there are many robot characters in the game which are pretty popular and have many fans. Anyone? Let’s look at the following best robots characters list.

1. Pathfinder – Apex Legends

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Pathfinder or MRVN is one of the hero characters that gamers can use in Apex Legends. Not much information is given about this one robot, other than some of the abilities it has. Uniquely, Pathfinder has similarities with the robotic character Bastion from Overwatch. But the two turned out to be different. Unlike Bastion in Overwatch which can be a tank to withstand damage from enemies, Pathfinder is a Scout robot. He can monitor the entire area from a height and make a path with his abilities.

Pathfinders have a passive ability called Insider Knowledge. This ability is helpful for scanning survey beacons at the following ring location. These survey beacons are specific locations that appear in different places during the game. He also has other abilities, such as Grappling Hook and Zipline Gun.

2. Nick Valentine – Fallout 4


Living amid a world civilization that fights the existence of Synth-made humans, Nick Valentine is a robot who is an exception in itself because of his contribution as a reliable detective. Even though he looks like a weak old Synth, Nick is a very reliable robot character dealing with various situations, especially in conducting investigations. His character as careful, friendly, and always brings exciting conversations makes Nick instantly become one of the favorite robot characters in Fallout 4.

3. BD-1 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


BD-1 is a small robot droid from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This robot will accompany protagonist Cal Kestis on his adventures, becoming another droid in the universe alongside R2-D2, C3PO, and others.

The development of this droid robot was inspired by Master Yoda when Luke carried Luke during his training. BD-1 will also stay mainly on Cal’s back. But he will be ready to provide some healing if Cal’s life is on the verge of death. Apart from that, it also has a lot of functions that will help Cal throughout the game.

4. Conner – Detroit: Become Human


Connor is one of three main characters from Detroit: Become Human, an RK800-type Android robot whose function is to assist law enforcement and engage in investigative work. The RK800 type is claimed to be the most advanced Android in 2038, and usually, the RK type is a robot that is not mass-produced, only used for particular purposes. The character of the Android robot Connor is played by Bryan Dechart, an actor from the United States.

5. Bastion – Overwatch


Bastion is also the most annoying robot character in Overwatch because he has a deadly move. This character has a solid ultimate. He even has the main move that can turn into a turret in a robot and can’t move.

Even though he can’t move, Bastion is a scourge for opponents who want to try to pass the defense line. Bastion can also heal itself. When doing defense, this character is one of the most reliable because Bastion can kill anyone.

6. 2B – NieR: Automata


2B was arguably the most loved waifu robot character some time ago. Appearing as the protagonist in the video game RPG NieR: Automata, 2B has managed to captivate gamers, especially men, with its beauty and fighting skills. Not only popular in video games, but 2B robot characters are also widely used as cosplay by cosplayers worldwide.

7. Clank – Ratchet and Clank


Ratchet and Clank fans must be familiar with the robot character named Clank. He is a cute robot who becomes Ratchet’s loyal friend. Clank’s uniqueness is the distinctive sound of laughter. Even though Clank is a defective robot or disabled due to a failed production process, he can still fight and struggle with Ratchet in the world of space adventure full of surprises.

8. Jack – Tekken


The Tekken fighting game series has one robot character named Jack. He is told as a human-shaped robot made to kill and fight. In each sequel, Jack will always be upgraded and become a new, more powerful robot. You will know that Jack is a minor enemy at every level for those who play single-player or platform mode in several Tekken series. Happens because Jack is a robot that is widely produced as a fighter.

9. Claptrap – Borderlands


Gamers who have played the Borderlands series must be familiar with a small robot similar to Wall-E named Claptrap. This eccentric and chatty robot is indeed the main attraction of the Borderlands series. In fact, in the two Borderlands series that have been released, Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2, Claptrap will welcome us at the start of the game.

10. Buddy Bot – Death Stranding: Director’s Cut


In Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, you will also find a robot character named Buddy Bot. In the previous Death Stranding, gamers could only submit manually. Now players can make automatic submissions.

The existence of a Buddy Bot will reduce the burden of goods that Sam must carry, minimizing the possibility that he will lose his balance due to having too many packages. Enhanced by the performance of the Buddy Bot that rarely drops, allowing Sam to deliver more goods, faster, without a hitch.

Those are the best robots characters in video games. Wait for information about other games at 1FIFTYFOUR.


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