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One Piece Zoro 5 Bad Moments When One Piece Fans Don’t Like Him

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One Piece Zoro

One Piece Zoro – Who is annoyed with Zoro? Here are 5 of Zoro’s bad moments that One Piece fans don’t like. Let’s see in full!

Roronoa Zoro was the first person Luffy recruited for the Straw Hat Pirates, and his goal was to defeat Dracule Mihawk and become the strongest fighter in the world. His extraordinary ambition to surpass Mihawk and his devotion to Luffy made him an unforgettable figure. However, like any other character, Zoro has flaws and sometimes does things that he doesn’t like.

1. One Piece Zoro Can’t Believe Robin

One Piece Zoro

Zoro didn’t believe her at first, and this attitude persisted until the crew arrived at Water Seven. When Robin disappeared, Zoro didn’t care whether she had left the crew or not until finally, Robin told the crew the truth. Meanwhile, Luffy wants to face her and still believes in her, whereas Sanji doesn’t need to hear it from Iceberg to realize she’s lying.

2. One Piece Zoro Shows Lack Of Respect To Female Enemies

One Piece Zoro

Zoro is a powerful fighter who likes to trade blows with strong opponents. However, when it comes to women, Zoro refuses to fight them to the best of his ability. This was most likely because Kuina’s death showed she was weak. Zoro refuses to take Tashigi seriously during his fight with him, and even after he disarms him, he hesitates to finish him off.

3. One Piece Zoro is branded a murderer in Wano

One Piece Zoro

When Zoro’s crew landed in Wano, they were instructed to keep a low profile and not arouse suspicion. Zoro failed to stick to the plan and got into trouble right away when he was framed for being a slasher and killing people. Instead of escaping and protecting the plan, Zoro instead kills the judge, takes Shusui, and kills other Samurai in the vicinity, further complicating matters of the alliance.

2. One Piece Zoro Almost Broke Kin’emon’s 20 Year Plan By Attacking Orochi

One Piece Zoro

Kin’emon devised a brilliant strategy on Kuri to attack Kaido and Orochi on the eve of the Fire Festival while gathering allies. Kanjuro eventually reveals this information to Orochi, but Yasuie covers it up with his death and offers them a second chance at the cost of his life.

However, Zoro is blinded by wrath, determined to face Orochi now, jeopardizing not only Yasuie’s sacrifice but the entire plot to bring down Kaido.

1. One Piece Zoro is often lost in determining the direction

One Piece Zoro

Like most Straw Hats, Zoro has his jokes, and he’s often lost when trying to figure out a direction. Zoro is lost on a straight path, although this incident is funny but becomes annoying if repeated. Zoro, for a pirate with his stature, should have a better sense of direction by now, and if not, the joke should be reduced a bit because it happens too often and makes the audience furious with Zoro’s antics on this one.

One Piece Zoro

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