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One Piece Theory: This is Roger’s Last Request to Whitebeard!

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Years of a career as a pirate, Edward Newgate, aka Whitebeard, has achieved many achievements. Starting from the God Valley war, competing with Roger, to the war at Marineford, which was the last battle. But maybe there is something that we don’t know about Whitebeard, namely the achievement that he is most proud of.

Having a family has been Whitebeard’s dream since childhood because he was abandoned by his parents at a very young age. Therefore he formed his own group and made the entire crew his adopted son. If Big Mom has a crew consisting of her biological children, Whitebeard has a crew consisting of his adopted children. There is a more significant achievement than that, namely Roger’s request to him.

It could be said that Whitebeard was already like a guard. On the Roger Pirates’ final journey, they learn about the Void Century, ancient weapons, and the meaning of D, a legendary treasure located in Laugh Tale. After his group disbanded, Roger wanted to talk to Whitebeard.


Before his death, Roger offered information about Laugh Tale and D’s meaning to Whitebeard, but he refused. It probably didn’t matter if Whitebeard went to Laugh Tale or not because it didn’t make a big difference to the world. Roger himself did not force Whitebeard to go there.

But Roger had one request from Whitebeard, which was to protect Fishman Island. The reason for that was because one of the ancient weapons, Poseidon, was located there. He asked Whitebeard to ensure the island was safe until the figure who played Poseidon was born, namely Shirahoshi.

In fact, Whitebeard guarded the place until Luffy came there. Roger doesn’t want Poseidon to fall to the World Government or other pirates because that could result in the world’s destruction. For example, Kaido and Big Mom’s current ambition is to get the three ancient weapons.


The reason Roger trusted Whitebeard so much was that they were already friends. Just like Roger and Garp, who are good friends even though they are on different sides. Whitebeard himself would feel happy and honored to receive such trust from someone like Roger.

So basically, Roger asked Whitebeard for help to guard Fishman Island. He had carried out the task well so that Whitebeard could die in peace. After the time skip, Fishman Island had become an area protected by Big Mom before the Straw Hats protected it.


Keep in mind that this is just a theory, so it doesn’t necessarily match reality. Do you agree with this theory yourself? Write in the comments column if you have a similar theory that is interesting. If this information is interesting, please share it with your friends.


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