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ONE PIECE Chapter 1053 Full Summary

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ONE PIECE Chapter 1053 Full Summary
ONE PIECE Chapter 1053 Full Summary

ONE PIECE Chapter 1053 Full Summary

ONE PIECE Chapter 1053 Full Summary
ONE PIECE Chapter 1053 Full Summary

[Translated by: EtenBoby]

Page 3

Gorosei: what is this picture?!!! We didn’t allow this to be published..!! And we told them to get rid of the D in the name too!!

Marine: No sir!! We didn’t receive such an order!!

And that picture is from CP0 agent, Mr.Guernica!!

Gorosei: reprint this!! We cannot let something like this be seen by the world!!

Marine: we..we cannot contact the printing factory!!

Chapter 1053 “The New Emperors”

Gorosei: stop the publication at all cost!!

Morgans: Kuwahaha!!

Look at this mystic appearance!!

Spread this to every corner my workers!!

The last message from the CP agents at Wano before they were lost was “It’s Big Mom’s ship!!”

As if I’ll let them manipulate information right now!! In this currently changing world…facts are the most intriguing!!!

Page 4-5

Morgans: this liveliness!! I’ll never get enough of it!!

【Emperor Kaido and Emperor Big Mom have been defeated!!

It took little time before the world is taken by this huge news

The three pirate captains, Monkey D Luffy, Eustass C(aptain) Kid, and Trafalgar Law, managed to take down two of the Emperors who have ruled these seas for decades

And thus the Government has placed a 3 Billion berries bounty on each of their heads, an exceptional amount!!!】

【Wano, Udon】

Kid Pirates: Boss!! That’s 3 Billion berries?!!

Captain that’s amazing!!!

Apoo: hey where is Kid heading? His whole expression changed

Killer: most likely to the Flower Capital

Fa Fa just something I would expect him to do

We are going too! I heard there’s a party today!!

Kid Pirates: perfect timing! Let’s celebrate!!

Page 6

Servants: soups made of cloud ear mushrooms and crown daisies…

In the hirawan bowls are Gisei dofu…

Side dish will be pickled foods..

In the Suimono bowl……

Listen up mistakes are not allowed with treating these important guests

Make sure to grind and heat everything carefully, and tasting for poison three times……

And now, we present to you…

Dishes that we poured our heart into…

A full course dinner befitting a Shogun!!

Please enjoy..!!

Jinbe: Wahahaha we have been waiting for two hours haven’t we!!

They look delicious!! Thank you for your kindness

Things are getting very lively outside huh?

Page 7

Citizens: Everything is free today!! That’s right, freeeeeee!!

Luffy/Yamato/Chopper: shooting game!

Goldfish scooping!

Chocolate banana!!

Luffy: Yakisoba!! Takoyaki!!

Yamato: grilled squid and candy apple!!

Chopper: cotton candy!!

Yamato: this is the first time I at a festival!! It’s great!!

Luffy: hey!! Brook do it!!

Brook: YEAH!! Now please turn your attention to our next song, beloved by brother Oden…

Hiyori: “Moon Princess”♡

Citizens: Princess Hiyoriiiii ♡

Page 8

【Beneath the Castle】

Hitetsu: are you interested? Nico Robin

Robin: Tengu-san!! How do you know my name…

Hitetsu: these are my collections…aren’t these girl kokeshi dolls cute

Robin: not really

Why are your collections here?

Hitetsu: this is my secret hobby room..

…and also where I was imprisoned for several years….

Robin: imprisoned?! Who are you exactly?! Are you not a swordsmith…?

Hitetsu: sword crafting is something I am talented at, but it’s just my hobby

Since Politics really wears one out..

Page 9

Robin: huh?!

Hitetsu: my name is Kozuki Sukiyaki! The father of Kozuki Oden!!

【Former Shogun of Wano

Kozuki Sukiyaki】

Robin: does Momo-chan…?

Hitetsu: no..nor do I intend to tell him

Though the vassals might have noticed it already…

I was the one who let Orochi took over this country…

To whom do I have the right…to tell them that “I’m still alive”?!

I was barely alive when I escaped from this room……but Oden is already dead and the country changed

I have thought about committing seppuku right then and there…

Robin: Tengu-san!!

Page 10

Robin: it should be here in this country!!

Hitetsu: ?!

Robin: the ancient weapon “Pluton”…

The poneglyph in Alabasta kingdom said so


And indeed it is

【Udon, formerly prisoner mine】

Beasts Pirates: !!


Page 11

Beasts pirates: …..ah….

Babanuki: ugh..

Beasts Pirates: King-san!!

King: ugh..

Beasts Pirates: Queen-san!!

Queen: oahhhhhh!!!

I was staying round on purpose…..

Ryokugyu: I told you don’t do it didn’t I?! Someone in my position can’t afford to be taken down by mere commanders!!

The navy doesn’t have any spare manpower for “clean up” right now you know….and just as I thought, you guys are…!!

Queen: ugu!!

Ryokugyu: aahhh

Page 12

Ryokugyu: I wouldn’t call that booze good…should’ve let it mature more

Den den Mushi: …this is…

Ryokugyu: hey I’m here in Wano

Send a warship over!!

Den Den Mushi: huh?! Oh! Ryokug…

Ryokugyu: Don’t let Sakazuki-san find out about this alright?! Bye

【Marine Headquarter Admiral: Ryokugyu(Aramaki)】

Ryokugyu: I love his style of doing things in extreme ways…

“You did a great job!”…

…That’s what I want him to say to me…after I take this kid’s head..!! Rahaha

Page 13

【Flower Capital】

Luffy: Now thennnnn!! Ninja Pirates Mink Samurai!!

Citizens: who is that

Luffy: vassals of the king!! Yakuzas!!..Land of Wano!!!!

Citizens: yeah go on bro!!

Luffy: you guys fought well!!!

Citizens: lead the toast~~ Party captain~~!!


Luffy: don’t tell the people of Wano about me

Momo: but why? You’ll surely be recognized as a hero…!!)


Kid: Strawhat!!!

Luffy: huh?

Kid: If I kill you right here..!!!

Luffy: Jaggy!!

Citizens: fireworks coming up~~~~

Luffy: Alright!! To the meals of tomorrow…here we go!!

Page 14-15

Luffy: CHEERS!!!

Let’s party!! Drink the night away!!

Hyo: pirates are a flashy bunch aren’t they

I’ve never seen a party like this…The scale is unbelievable..!!

Page 16-17

Kid: the hell you getting me involved for!!

Here take a look!!

I came here to kill you…

I have no idea what happened outside but…..


Kid: … these are the new emperors

the “Four Emperors”!!

Red haired Shanks(SHANKS)

Strawhat Luffy(MONKEY D LUFFY)

Buggy the Genius Jester(BUGGY)

“Blackbeard”Teach(MARSHALL D TEACH)

Luffy?: whaaaaaa?!!

Ryokugyu: well well that’s some fun music coming from the festival ….

But the Navy has no time for that you damn kids….

The outside world is a mess….

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