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ONE PIECE 1052 New Morning
ONE PIECE 1052 New Morning


ONE PIECE 1052 New Morning
ONE PIECE 1052 New Morning

Coverage: “The Scientist Who Failed to Escape”
Page 2
【Holy Land, Marijuana erre
Gorosei : So… Nika has finally made another appearance in this world… !!
To say that two of the emperors would fall at the same time…
It’s not something we can hide! The news of this incident will go around the world in no time!!
At the worst time!! What should we do?!
【sea near Wano près
Gorosei: Is it true that Zou disappeared?
Agent CP0 : Yes… he faded in the fog !! WHAT WAS THAT?!
Gorosei: so the border stays closed!! Wano country is still an iron fortress!!
Page 3
Gorosei: They had to change their plan according to the current situation!
Looks like there’s a point among them.
At the moment, an attempt to take control with the army will be impossible
I expect you to at least bring back Nico Robin…
Agent CP0 : sure, sir!!
Mushi’s Day : CP0 ! CP0!
Agent CP0 : interference!
Den Mushi : Hey ! Fellas!
Agent CP0 : who are you… make your name!
Den Den Mushi: Stay where you are! Ill be on my way !
Page 4
deWano country is filled with excitement, after being freed from 20 years of tyranny
The inside of Onigashima Castle… 】
Hawkins : poof poof…
Drake… are you… from the navy ?
Drake: like imma just answer that !! You’ve come all this way just for that… ?
You look like awful …….. Phew, phew… I was thinking … your cards told you everything would be alright…
As long as you … don’t betray Kaido…
Page 5
Hawkins: When I encountered this monster… I’ve seen death and I give up… & I ended up becoming his subordinate
But you also have Kid and his crew… they knew they could die in the process… Yet they were fighting !!
… Even though this time I saw that victory was on their side… you think theres a chance of me wagging Kid’s tail after all this?!
(Drake: If You Gotta Switch Sides, Now’s The Time
What are you doing
Hawkins: a man’s chances of surviving through tomorrow
Drake: 1% huh, it sucks being him)
Drake : … that certain man…
Hawkins : It was me… !!
Page 6
Capital7 days after the battle ended, Flower Capital 】
Citizens: don’t remove the festival decorations just yet! According to lord Momonosuke.. no according to shogun, there will be another festival soon!!
Kids: Is Ms. Sarahebi gone? ! Why?!
Teacher: sorry but y’all gonna have to learn the history of our heroes from scratch!!
Kids: Whoa!!!
Teacher: we gonna start with the big man himself!! First lesson is on Kozuki Oden!
Citizens: what a surprise that was..!! Lady Komurasaki, the number one beauty of our country, is actually the daughter of Lord Oden!!
Sir Kawamatsu the Kappa is the one who saved her from that burning castle!!
Page 7
Citizens: what a beautiful story of loyalty!!
And the samurai chasing him under the cover of a yakuza known as “Kyoshiro” is none other than!!
One of the Akazaya Nine! Mr. Denjiro!!
【Heavenly Farm 【
Citizens: what a beautiful story of loyalty!!
And the samurai chasing him under the cover of a yakuza known as “Kyoshiro” is none other than!!
One of the Akazaya Nine! Mr. Denjiro!!
【Heavenly Farm 【
Citizens: did you hear about the guy who took down Kaido?
Yea the warrior named “joy boy”!!!
Though I heard that he is no longer in this country.. !!
Man i wish i could of met him Hero who competes with the sword god!
】Ringo, eternal grave tom
Kawamatsu: Build a Sanctuary?
Kinemon : indeed
Up this hill, they’ll be able to see the entire capital as the sword god Ryuma, and that’s when…
Page 8
Whom did you find : … we will consecrate the lord Oden.. !!
And around him, we will do the same for the Daimyos who fought for this nation, like lord Yasuie..
And…. we are also going …..
Honoring Ashura and Izo here… !!
Kawamatsu: Kapapa Onimaru don’t you think we’ll end up there one day?
Oh you! Tell that you also survived!
Kinemon: Are you okay? ! Mr Marco
Marco: Of course, nothing is worth resting in your homeland
Page 9
Marco: I have… once again survived…
Kawamatsu: same for us…
Kinemon: We survived this…
I can something happen to “heroes”
Let us pray for them
Yamato: I’m hungry… not hungry not hungry not hungry
Hiyori : My brother! Listen to this!
Yamato : Hmm?
H A P ! : Yamato-kun !!
Luffytaro-san and Zorojuro-san have…!!!
woke up!!!!!
Momo: Eh!!
I see you’re still a missed boy!!
Doesn’t hurt anymore but still!!
Pages 10-11
Luffy: MEAT!!!
Zoro: SAKE!!!
Momo : Luffy ! Zoro ! Are you awake !!
Waiter: Get more meat at once!
Neko: That’s awesome!
Luffy : One More Fill !!
Zoro : Another Filler !!
Yamato : Luffy ! are you up yet ? !
Momo : Luffy ! Zoro ! Don’t eat too much right now!
I’ve decided to organize a nationwide feast once you wake up!
This is going to be today!
Momo: Hey, I’m Momonosuke!
Luffy: What?!
Oh yeah your an adult now!
? : with a body that looks rough too!!
Zoro: Will he inherit Oden? Let me try and beat him
Momo : Stop it !!
Page 12
Momo : Stop it !! I’m being harassed by these 2!!
Help me out onami ♡
Nami : What !
Back off me!!
Momo : I… i still have eight years!!
it doesnt hurt but still..
Mine: ah… it’s true
Luffy and Zoro: As I thought, he is tough
Sanji : Haha ! Welcome to the adult Momo world!
Brook: your privilege is now gone!!
Yamato: Mind of a Child
And oden’s body ♡
Momo: Don’t put a plate on my head every time we see each other!
Yamato: you have a strong body! And you have your parents to thank!
I’m sure you’ll become the best samurai in this country!!
Momo: I’ll work hard for it!
Page 13
Also : Yamato ! Let’s take a bath before the festival! Your “prayer” has ended now, isn’t it?
Luffy : Pray ?
Junbe: Here in Wano, they seem to have a tradition of holding something while praying in exchange for deities to grant their wish
Yamato: I haven’t eaten or showered the last few days!
Luffy: What?! I see thanks a bunch Yama-guy!! This must be why we’re good now!
Jinbe: Such a nice person!!
Zoro: we’re not that dirty though
Hiyori: That’s because I cleaned you ♡ Are you happy with that? Hehe ♡
Sanji: Moss head, I have a word for you!!
(Sanji: After the fight, if I’m not in the right way… I want you to kill me)
Zoro : Oh you… I remember now…
I came back from hell just so I could kill you
Sanji: Don’t expect that! I got it fixed !!
Yamato : Me too !! There is no mixed bath in this castle! so i go …..
With me : ?
Kiku : Are you ok…. if I share it with you girls?
Pages 14-15
【Onsen inside the castle ch
All : bath time !!!
inMen’s Bath hommes
Yamato: the temperature is perfect!!
Luffy: And we have a party waiting after that! Just simply awesome!!
Brook and Sanji: Huh?! Is this a dream ?!
Momo : Yes.. Yamato how could you…!!!
inWomen’s Bath 】
Nami: men are making noise out there
Tama: I also want to be mesmerizing like this!!
Kiku: that time I was going to take a bath with lord oden… and with everyone else….
But it’s embarrassing to do it with other men..
Toko : it feels good… Ahaha
Hiyori: Okiku-chan is exactly like back then ♡
Now am the oldest now
Citizens: looks like the party is today!! Let’s party!!
The return of the Kozuki Clan!!
Reach out to all the regions!
【Udon, Tokage Port ,
Franky : Phew… looks like things are getting back to normal
Usopp: yes no problem with the veil!
Franky: and Franky’s shogun is all fixed up as well!
Bepo: this thing is so cool!
Franky : hehe
Page 16
Kid: you guys don’t get along too well!!
Don’t let your guard down before you set the sails!!
Killer: No matter where the news comes from, news editors will be sure to have it in their hands
We now replace Emperors as major targets!!
Law: exactly.
Closing the borders may stop them from getting our info, but we have no way of knowing what’s going on outside.
Bepo: Perhaps captain’s bonuses and others… have reached a never-before-seen number…
Support: Dad!!
Pirate kids : Apoo !! And a number?!!
Apoo : you are right ! Idk where they got the info from buuuuut
Kid: you told them didn’t you!!
Apoo: premiums that you care about are on sont
Father!! I want to see ?
Page 17
Apoo: everything is written here!!
Your boys bonuses and…
The one(s) to be called the new “Emperor(s) of the Sea”!!!
Akainu: I wonder where the hell are you right now!!
Ryokugyu: like I said, Sakazuki-san, I’m in heaven
Akainu: and I ask where!!
Ryokugyu: ahhh I can see it now, wano land
Akainu: don’t do anything useless!
Can you hear me?! Ryokugyu!!!
Ryokugyu: yeah I know! Trust me on that

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