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One Piece 1047 Full Summary | The Capital’s Sky

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One Piece 1047
One Piece 1047
One Piece 1047
One Piece 1047
  • -Yamato tells Momonosuke that he must create the “clouds of flames”. Momonosuke tells her that his words don’t change the fact that it’s impossible for him to create them.
  • Starts a flashback that takes place 20 years ago in Oden’s castle on fire.
    -Toki tells his son that he go with Kinemon and the rest to the future, within 20 years. There he will be able to revive the Kouzuki clan.
    -Momonosuke tells her that she can’t go alone, and that she and Hiyori must go with him.
  • Kinemon gives a great speech. He tells Momonosuke that the one who is suffering the most right now is his mother.
  • Kinemon tells him that Wanokuni is a country of samurai and that misfortune is paid with life. He tells her that her mother has shown him her determination, and that Momonosuke’s doubts are worse for her than public humiliation.
    -Momonosuke tells Kinemon that he is just a boy, Kinemon tells him that now that Oden is dead, Momonosuke is no longer a simple boy.
    -Kinemon ends by saying that he would like to have a second chance to fight. That he prefers to die with a sword in his hand fighting for his lord than engulfed in flames.
    -Momonosuke finally tells his mother that he will go to the future with her vassals, Toki cries when listening to her son.
  • Back in the present, Momonosuke apologizes to his mother for failing and keeps trying to push the island away from the Flower Capital.
  • Luffy vs. Kaidou.
  • Kaidou: “So you’ve caught lightning. Worororo, what nonsense!!!”
    -Luffy uses the “Gomu Gomu no Kaminari” (Rubber Rubber Lightning) but Kaidou dodges it and hits him, while he tells Luffy that it is good that he does what he wants.
  • Luffy grabs onto another beam to propel himself back towards Kaidou and attack him, but Kaidou avoids him again.
  • Kaidou : “‘Skills’ aren’t necessary to conquer the world!!! As in the case of Roger, someone who wasn’t an Akuma no Mi user and was able to do great things!” in the world…!!!Only the “
  • Kaidou knocks Luffy to the ground. The awakening of Luffy’s Akuma no Mi causes the ground to turn to rubber and rebound upon impact. Kaidou hit him like that so that Luffy bounced back to attack him again.
  • Kaidou: “Daitoku: Raimei Hakke!!!!” (Daiitoku (or Yamāntaka in Sanskrit) is a Buddhist God known as “The destroyer/conqueror of death” and the kanji (大威徳) translate as “One with great power”).
  • Luffy is sent to the clouds by this new Kaidou attack, but manages to grab him by the chest. Kaidou tells him to let go of him, that he is only getting to reveal where he is in the clouds.
  • Kaidou changes into his dragon form and launches his “Tatsu Maki Kaifuu” into the clouds, which slashes Luffy several times. Kaidou tells him that despite his changes, he is still vulnerable to cuts.
  • In the Capital of Flowers the festival comes to an end and people let their paper boats fly with their wishes. Some lament that the next day they will return to their lives as slaves and say that they want to live another year to enjoy the festival the following year.
    -Toko sends her ship to the sky and wants it to reach her father.
  • Despite Kaidou’s attacks, Luffy is still clinging to him. Kaidou launches a “Bolo Breath” (which hits Luffy squarely) and tells him to get down at once, but Luffy still won’t let go.
  • Inside the skull, Hyougorou asks the samurai what they prefer: a Luffy victory that makes the island fall causing them to die or survive at the cost of a Kaidou victory.
  • The samurai say they thought it would be a more difficult question. Many of them have family in Wanokuni, so they want Luffy to defeat Kaidou even if they die, as it will give Wanokuni a hopeful future ahead.
  • Kaidou’s subordinates say that they are crazy, since they are all going to die (them included). Hyougorou says that it’s not as bad as they think.
    -While Usopp runs away from the flames saying that he doesn’t want to die, the water drags them. Kinemon and Kiku fly out.
  • We see that Orochi is still on fire, but has been transformed. He says that all the tremors that have been on the island have caused Kairoseki’s needle to fall out of his body.
    -Orochi says that he is going to drag Hiyori to the grave with him and that he hopes that Oden is watching how she is going to take her daughter with him to hell.
    -Luffy calls out to Momonosuke as he prepares his final attack.
  • We see that Luffy has created a gigantic fist with the arm that was left loose (the other is still holding onto Kaidou). It is almost as big as Onigashima.
    Luffy: “I’m going to put an end to this!!!
    “Onigashima” is in my way!!! Move it!!!”
    Yamato: “He’s going through “Onigashima”!!!”
    Momonosuke: “Stop, Luffy!!”
    Luffy: “Momo! !
    I trust you!!!”
    Momonosuke: “What!!!”
    Complete chapter.
    Thanks to Redon


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