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5 NPCs in the Game that Have Quite Annoying Characters One of which is Animal Crossing

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Ankha Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing – Animal Crossing Ankha -Although only a side character, NPCs have an essential role. Here are 5 NPCs in video games that have pretty annoying characters.

Ankha Animal Crossing
Ankha Animal Crossing

Friendly Non-Playable-Characters (NPCs) play an essential role in many video games, assisting the protagonists in achieving their goals. However, just because they are friendly doesn’t mean they are fun. There are a lot of NPCs that make fans angry for a variety of reasons, from what they say to the way they talk and behave.

5. Bienfu (Tales Of Berseria)

Bienfu Tales Of Berseri

Tales of Berseria’s mascot character is a kind-hearted normin who tries to help his friends and has some entertaining lines, but he can get hysterical at any time, shouting “Bieeeeen” if someone says something he doesn’t like. Bienfu was supposed to be a cute character, but he came across as a crybaby and grumpy.

4. Tingle (The Legend Of Zelda)

Tingle The Legend Of Zelda

She seems like a lovely and gregarious fairy, but in her next step, she will charge Link 398 for his services translating the Triforce Charts, forcing him to watch the dance before her with every piece taken, just as she did in The Wind Waker. One annoying thing about this character is that the language is difficult to translate correctly from Japanese to English, confusing the audience.

4. Catherine (Catherine

Catherine Catherine

Catherine has a second side that she keeps secret. That blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman was actually what Vincent Brooks was looking for in the first place: bright, cheerful, and lively.

She embodies the freedom that Vincent seeks in life, saying and doing all the right things, giving all the right views, and making the right moves. Catherine’s words were lovely, although it didn’t take long for another part of her to show her true ugly nature.

2. Navirou (Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin)

Navirou Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Ruin

Navirou is the protagonist’s cat friend who acts as a guide. His high-pitched voice, despite his language, was quite unsettling to his listeners. In the first Monster Hunter Stories game, Navirou didn’t have voice acting, but in the sequel, he does, and the fact that the protagonist is mute makes it seem like a cat-like Scrappy-Doo is speaking for you, making things even more annoying.

1. Tom Nook (Animal Crossing)

Tom Nook Animal Crossing

In the Animal Crossing series, Tom Nook is the store manager who becomes the head of Nook Incorporated. Despite his cheerful demeanor and politeness, Tom Nook is a kind-hearted businessman.

Seen from a distance, he appears charming and polite to the protagonist, but there is a feeling that there is a problem chatting with him, and he compliments everything and the fantastic service he offers. Hearing his words was a pain in the ass.

Animal Crossing – Animal Crossing Ankha

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