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Luffy Gear 5 One Piece 1044 Hito Hito No Mi Joy Boy

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Luffy Gear 5 One Piece 1044 Hito Hito No Mi Joy Boy
Luffy Gear 5 One Piece 1044 Hito Hito No Mi Joy Boy

Luffy Gear 5 One Piece 1044 Hito Hito No Mi – Joy Boy – Full Summary #Spoiler1044

Luffy Gear 5 One Piece 1044 Hito Hito No Mi Joy Boy One Piece Chapter 1,044: “Warrior of Liberation”.

Germa 66’s Ahh… Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 8 “Mom is on an expedition. Research started!!” On the cover, Oven has left the prisoners’ book (open on Niji and Yonji pages) in a room where some of his brothers/sisters are (Prim, Kato, Brownie and Anana). As Oven says goodbye, his brothers/sisters prepare to start all kinds of investigations on Niji and Yonji’s bodies (using knives, saws, hammers, lasers…).
Chapter starts with Luffy talking, although we cannot see him close-up. The sound of the drums is getting louder.
Luffy: “What happened? I…
Why? …How am I able to get up if I lost.
I suddenly feel so much fun…
As Luffy speaks, we see in a distant shot that black lightnings come out of Luffy’s body.
Zunesha is still with the World Government ships in the sea near Wanokuni. Momonosuke looks at the roof of Onigashima, he’s very upset and even trembles.
Momonosuke: “Joy Boy…!?
Do you mean Luffy!?”
Yamato: “Is that… what Zunesha said!!?”
In the “Pleasure Hall” of the Leftbrain Tower, we see that Some is taking care of Sanji (he is lying on a futon). Suddenly, Sanji gets up because he senses something and looks up.
Some: “Eh!
Sanji: “…!!
Hah, hah…
On the Live Floor, Luffy’s allies are also feeling something. Kid, Law and Hyougorou look up.
Kid: “What!?”
Hyougorou: “Ah…
Is that Straw Hat…!?”
Marco also feels something and tells it to Nami and Tama, who are crying as they hug.
Marco: “Straw Hat…!?
Hey! He is still breathing.
Nami: “Is Luffy alive!!?”
Tama: “Is he really alive!!? Aniki~” We travel now to the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, to the “Room of Authority” in Pangea Castle. Gorousei continues talking about the situation in Wanokuni. One of them wonders if it’s worth it losing a top agent and anger Kaidou. Gorousei with dreadlocks replies that it’s worth it, especially considering the future that this situation may lead to. Swordsman Gorousei: “The “World Government” tries to keep the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” with them in every era… But, somehow, the fruit always gets away. And 800 years have passed…!!” Gorousei with big beard and mustache: “It’s like if that “Akuma no Mi” tries to escape from them.” Gorousei with a spot on his head: “It is possible, since we know Zoan fruits have minds of their own. And that fruit has the name of a “God”… The other name of the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” is…” Blond Gorousei: ““Hito Hito no Mi” (Human-Human Fruit) Mythical Zoan… Model “Nika”.” As the Gorousei says this, in a magnificent and epic double page we see the silhouette of Luffy with the full Moon in the background. His silhouette is identical to Nika’s (without weapons in his hands). Although we only see a black silhouette, it’s clear that Luffy is laughing. In addition, the sound of drums continues. Luffy: “Ahahahahahaha!!!” Gorousei continues speaking, as we see a close-up of the silhouette of Luffy’s face. He’s laughing. Gorousei: “His body has the properties of rubber. And he can fight in any way he wishes… Making people smile wherever he goes. He is the “Warrior of Liberation”, also known as… “Nika, the Sun God”. Awakening will give the rubber body even more “strength” and “freedom”. It is said that… it’s the most ridiculous power in the world!!” Cut to the “Treasure Hall” on the 2nd floor of Onigashima castle. Orochi is still trapped under the rubble. Orochi: “Hey… Hiyori!! I… I appreciated Oden too…!! I was… used by Kaidou!! Let’s run away from here together…!! Now take the needles off…” Hiyori: “My father kept his promise, right? He believed in the promise you and Kaidou made him to free “Wanokuni”. During 5 years, my father was dancing in a funny way…!! Even against his family!! My father kept his promise!! He believed in the promise to free them all. He even endured 1 hour burning in boiling oil…!! He was always laughing… Even if the life of an entire country was hijacked. My father endured all that pain alone!!!” We see a small flashback between Oden and Hiyori. Oden: “What’s wrong Hiyori~?”
Hiyori: “Father, are you fine with every body talking bad about you?”
Oden: “Yeah, I’m fine with it.
Why you ask…?
That’s because…
I’ve got you guys by my side!!”
Hiyori: “Really!? Then let’s stay together forever.”
Back to the present, Orochi talks now.
Orochi: “Oh yes!!
Oden was such a great samurai!!
As a “Shogun”, I shall honor your father…”
Hiyori: “…”
Hiyori takes off her mask and yells in anger at Orochi while she cries tears of pain.
Hiyori: “My name is “Kouzuki Hiyori”!!!
Be silence, you insolent man!!!”
Orochi: “Ehhh!!!”
Hiyori: “Even at times when I had an empty stomach and putting on broken fabric!!
I live proudly up to my father’s name!!
You shouldn’t be in “Shogun” position for even just one day!!
You are a pathetic fool!!!
And as your foolishness grew, so are the innocent lives perishing in vain!!”
Orochi is very scared after Hiyori’s words.
Orochi: “You’re not going to do anything to me, right!!?
Revenge isn’t very popular nowadays!!
And even if you kill me, you have no chance of defeating Kaidou!!”
Suddenly, a little version of Kanjuurou’s Kazenbo returns to where Orochi and Hiyori are.
Kanjuurou’s Kazenbo: “Orochi-sama…”
Orochi: “Huh?”
Kanjuurou’s Kazenbo: “I… fai… led…”
Orochi: “Kanjuurou!?
You returned at the right time!! This turns the tables!!
Burn that woman until she dies!!!
What a tragicomedy! Remains of the “Kouzuki”, have you seen it?
This is the “luck” of the strongest!!!”
Kanjuurou’s Kazenbo: “Orochi-sama…”
Orochi: “Eh!? Hey!!
What the hell are you doing!!!
Gyaaa~~!!!” Kanjuurou’s Kazenbo ignores Orochi’s words and instead of going for Hiyori, it goes for Orochi, who begins to burn violently. Hiyori looks at him still with tears in her eyes. Hiyori: “The “dawn” will come.” Orochi : “Stupid Kanjuurou, what have you done!!! Hiyori, help me!!!” Hiyori: ““Kouzuki” house… always keeps its promises!!” Back to the roof of Onigashima, there we see again the silhouette of Luffy with the full Moon in the background. Luffy: “… I feel like I can do anything I want…!! My heartbeat sounds so fun!! This is my highest peak…!! This is… “Gear Fith”!!!” Back to the Live Floor, a huge blast of Color of the Supreme King Haki comes from above. A lot of black lightnings pierce through the roof and Kaidou’s subordinates begin to fall unconscious with foam at the mouth. Kaidou looks worried at the roof. Kaidou: “What’s up there on the roof…!!!” In a huge double spread, we see that the roof begins to break and Luffy’s arm appears from the hole. The arm is massive and it grabs Kaidou’s body in dragon form without difficulty. Everyone looks at the scene shocked. Kid: “Straw Hat…!?” Chopper (crying): “Luffy~~~!!?”
Luffy pulls Kaidou up (Kaidou’s eyes popping out, like a cartoon) and drags him easily to the roof. Luffy then increases his muscle mass (as in the leaked picture) and starts spinning wildly Kaidou’s body. Kaidou’s face looks again like a cartoon, his eyes are popping out one more time.
Luffy stops spinning and starts slamming Kaidou back and forth on the ground, until Luffy lets go him. Kaidou gets up dizzy, with a bump on his head and little stars coming out of it (again like a cartoon). Luffy can’t stop laughing.
Luffy: “Hah. Hah.
Kaidou: “…!!
Straw Hay…!! You are alive…!!
Thank you.
“Bolo Breath”!!!”
Luffy: “Ahahahaha!!
Luffy (who has returned to his normal form) is lying on the ground laughing non-stop, but when he sees Kaidou’s “Bolo Breath”, he screams surprised. His eyes also pop out like a cartoon, but it’s more excessive than Kaidou’s (Luffy acts like Jim Carrey’s character in the movie “The Mask”).
Luffy grabs the ground with his hands and stretches it out, causing the ground turns into rubber. Kaidou’s “Bolo Breath” hits the ground, but since it’s now rubber, it doesn’t get destroyed and holds back the attack. Luffy changes back to his muscled form and pulls the piece of ground, causing the “Bolo Breath” bounces back to Kaidou. There’s a huge explosion.
We finally see Luffy full body clearly. His physical appearance is almost the same as always, although his shirt is now white instead of black (we’ll see the actual color that Oda gives to the shirt). His hair now looks like flames and he has that “vapour collar” around his neck and under his armpits (like in Gear 4 form). His eyebrows are now curled (similar to Sanji’s) and the pupils of his eyes have changed (check leaked picture to see Luffy’s face).
Luffy laughs non-stop again as Kaidou stands up. “Gear Fith” is officially presented.
Luffy: “Ahyahyahya!!”
Kaidou: “…!! I’m sorry for what happened earlier, I was STUPID…!!
I didn’t want to win like that.”
Luffy looks at Kaidou with determination and a smile on his face.
Luffy: “Don’t mention it!!
Let’s end this!!!”
End of the chapter.

Luffy Gear 5 One Piece 1044 Hito Hito No Mi Joy Boy

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Luffy Gear 5 One Piece 1044 Hito Hito No Mi Joy Boy


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