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Leaks of 3 New Pokémon Coming to Pokémon UNITE

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Reported from a youtube channel named SuperTeed, a Pokémon UNITE data miner, he gave a sneak peek of the three newest Pokémon that will be present in Pokémon UNITE in the next update.

Pokémon UNITE did break the development of the mobile gaming world in 2021. Especially with the competitive MOBA genre, adding real-time fun to playing.

With the high interest of players in playing Pokémon UNITE, of course, the fans want the developer to bring other Pokémon. And apparently, the developer Pokémon UNITE (TiMi Studio) was presenting three new Pokemon.

These Pokémon are Greenent, Thievul, and Decideye. Decidueye is a favorite fan of Pokemon that will be coming soon in the next Pokemon UNITE update.

As of this writing, there has been no official response from the Pokémon UNITE developer regarding the data leak. To be sure, the 3 Pokemon will add variations in the game.

New Pokémon Types
These three newest Pokémon certainly have their unique skills and abilities. We’ll cover it a bit, so you don’t get confused in the next Pokémon UNITE update.


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Greenent is a Nature-type Pokémon that is pretty normal. With a squirrel-like shape, he has a skill that can restore his lost HP. This Pokémon will probably be a pretty reliable Tank or Support.


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Thievul is a Dark-type fox Pokémon. Thievul’s skills may be of the Attack type because he has the skills to run away and chase enemies. He also has the skill to do Buff damage to himself.


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Decidueye is a Grass/Ghost-type Pokémon. This Pokémon can emit sharp feathers to attack enemies. He also can disappear from the enemy’s sight and attack him from behind.

So, from the leaks of the three newest Pokémon that will be coming to Pokémon UNITE, which one is your favorite Pokémon?


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