GTA Trilogy Full Radio Restoration

GTA Trilogy Full Radio Restoration
GTA Trilogy Full Radio Restoration

Originally posted on November 22, 2021 @ 12:49 PM

GTA Trilogy Full Radio Restoration: Updated 11/16/21 02:25

  • All GTA VC:DE radios have now been completely restored!

Updated 11/15/21 1:30 PM

  • Restored V-Rock (8 songs) and Wildstyle (5 songs) for GTA VC.

Updated 11/15/21

  • Fixed an issue that caused music to skip. Please delete the old version before installing this one.

Playing GTA Vice City is not the same without “Michael Jackson – Billie Jean”.We are reactivating all removed songs from GTA Trilogy so you can have the real classic experience.

In  GTA III  there has been  1  song removed since the PS2 version. In  GTA Vice City there were  25  removed, and in GTA San Andreas there were  21  removed.  

Currently restores all removed songs from GTA Vice City! We still intend to bring all radios for all games, including extra songs from the Stories versions.  

Note: It only changes audio files, so it should be compatible even with future game patches. The most correct way is to edit the game system, but it is more difficult and would be incompatible with new versions.


Source: Mixmods


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