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Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique, Very Strong and Terrible!

Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique
Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique

Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique – So far, there are some exciting things about Gon’s strongest technique that comes from an oath he made! What technique is that, guys?

Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique

Gon is one of the characters who are the main focus in the Hunter X Hunter anime. Well, this one character, unfortunately, despite being the main character, doesn’t have the same strength as other characters. Gon is still a child, and his power is very limited in terms of physical, psychological, and nen.

Well, disaster came when he had to fight in the NGL to capture a pack of Cimera Ants who had power far above him. Having to deal with one of the Royal Guards, Gon must do various ways to survive.

One of the things he did when he faced Neferpitou was to take out all of the Nen for the rest of his life at the cost of not using Nen or surviving. This technique is very terrible and becomes Gon’s strongest technique.

The author, this time, wants to invite you to discuss Gon’s strongest technique! This is the full review.

1. This Power Makes Gon Adult

Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique

Taking an oath with this, Nen Gon not only has a super terrible nen aura but also a mature physique where he can defeat Pitou. His nen strength, power reserves, and aura increased so much that Pitou was worried that Gon would kill Meruem.

After seeing it, Killua concluded that it usually took decades of training to reach that level of strength. His speed and high reflexes allow him to easily dodge Neferpitou’s Terpsichora, which even Kite himself can’t dodge.

Gon’s physique in the adult version is terrible, where he can beat Pitou to death with just a few attacks.

2. Illumi Zoldyck Considered It Worse Than Death

Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique

It’s safe to say that the moment Gon used his oath to his nen gave him terrible powers. But on the other hand, the price to be paid is costly and scary. After killing Pitou, Gon returns to his normal form unconsciously.

While in the hospital, his body was rotting, and he needed various tools to keep him alive. Luckily Nanika managed to recover back into her body. Although fully recovered, Gon is still unable to see and use aura.

According to his father, Gon is a lucky person to survive that situation. When he saw the impact of that power, the usually calm Illumi Zoldyck thought that Gon’s oath was an even worse form of death.

3. So strong, the person who heals Gon can die

Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique

In the world of Hunter X Hunter, there is a class of workers called Exorcists who can heal or repel negative effects on one’s body. But according to Killua, any Exorcist would die on the spot if it tried to heal Gon.

This is emphasized when the only official Exorcist in the Hunter Association insists that there is nothing he can do but see Gon in such a pitiful state. Luckily, Nanika can cure him, proving that Nanika’s power is indeed terrible.

Gon Hunter x Hunter Strongest Technique

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