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Epic Games Plans to Bring Fortnite to the Big Screen

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Currently, the number of movie games that adapt to the game is increasing. Even some of these films are now also getting an outstanding response from film lovers around the world. Some titles, such as Mortal Kombat, even managed to reap a pretty fantastic profit for a film adapting a game.

Not wanting to be left behind, Epic Games was recently reported interested in working on Fortnite as a feature film. Quoting Ubergizmo.com, for the time being, Epic Games is still in the stage of thinking about whether the game will be made onto the big screen or not. There is still no leak of when this film will start working on if Epic finally agrees to make the film. When asked whether this battle royale game has the background to be made into a movie, yes.


As is known, Fortnite presents a story mode called Save The World. Most likely, this story mode will be based on the film’s storyline. But on the other hand, they can spin off an existing story using the battle royale battle mechanism.

Of course, this is just leaked info that Epic Games have not officially announced. So, for now, we have to wait for the final decision from Epic Games.


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