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16 Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5, Steven Grant

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5
Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5 – There are many easter eggs present in the Moon Knight episode 5 series. Let’s see more!

Entering an episode before the finale, Moon Knight episode 5 further presents an increasingly confusing storyline. Even Marvel fans themselves are a bit difficult. Guess how the last episode of Moon Knight will give whether it will hang like the Hawkeye series or, instead, it will be a spectacular episode and answer all the questions of Marvel fans.

1. Marc Is in Putnam Mental Hospital

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

After the shocking introduction of Lord Taweret in episode 4, Moon Knight episode 5 retells Marc Spector, who attended therapy with Dr. Harrow, who confirmed that the name of the fantasy he was experiencing was in a facility of “Putnam Medical Facility.” Putnam himself refers to “Putnam Mental Hospital” from jeff Lemire’s Moon Knight comic book.

2. Marc’s Therapy Session Re-Examines Dona’s Words

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

While in a therapy session with Harrow, Marc once corrected Harrow that he did not meet a rhinoceros but met a Hippopotamus. Of course, the therapy session is like bringing up episode 1, where Steven Grant confirms Dona’s words that Taweret is not a hippopotamus but a God.

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3. The Afterlife Present Is The Same As The One in Black Panther

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

When Harrow shot Marc, he and Steven entered into the world of imagination, and it was the afterlife where they were both heading to the Duat realm. Of course, the incident is similar to what happened in the movie Black Panther, where when T’Challa was in death, he entered the Black Panther afterlife by talking to his father, who was gone.

4. Taweret Ship Shape Is The Same As The One in Steven Grant Aquarium

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

Marc and Steven were terrified and panicked when they learned that they were aboard the Taweret, which sailed across the Duat dunes. Taweret’s typical ship appeared far in the previous episode, precisely in the first episode of Moon Knight. The vessel is similar to the boat in Steven Grant’s goldfish aquarium, but the shape is only smaller.

5. There is a QR Code that You Can Scan

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

Previously there was a QR Code in episode 2, and episode 5 again showed a QR Code but with a different direction. The QR Code in episode 5 is a QR Code that leads to a free comic book download, where when you try to scan it, you will be redirected to the free comic book download. The QR Code is in episode 5 when Steven sees Marc’s past outside his parents’ residence.

6. New York Target Is Victim of Jake Lockley

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

When Marc and Steven walked into a room, they both saw many zombie-like corpses, and it turned out that they were all victims of Marc as Moon Knight. Well interesting from the victim, identified the victim from New York, where the victim is a victim of Jake Lockley. Jake Lockley is in the comic version. He’s closer to Jake’s alter, who works as a taxi driver.

7. Brother Marc Is a Supervillain For Moon Knight

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

Steven was surprised and the audience because it was known in childhood Marc had a brother named Randall. In the Marvel Comics version, Randall is one of the cruel villains for Moon Knight. But even so, in the MCU version, Randall has been dead since childhood, and there may be a possibility that he was resurrected just like Marc with the help of the Egyptian God.

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8. In Episode 5, It Is Known Why Steven Has One Finned Goldfish

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

In the first episode of the Moon Knight series, we both know that he kept a goldfish with only 1 fin in Steven’s apartment. Well, it turns out that Steven or Marc has the goldfish because Marc was traumatized by what happened to his brother. In Marc’s flashback, before he died, Marc’s brother had drawn a goldfish that only had 1 fin.

9. The Phrase “Later Gators,” Comes from Marc and Not Steven

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

Marc Spector once expressed a loving phrase, “laters gators,” to his mother. Before, the phrase had been used by Steven when he called his mother in episode 1. Like a goldfish, it turns out to be a part of Marc’s memory that Steven reused, and he talks lovingly to his mother about what Marc did before Randall’s death.

10. The View of the Field of Reeds Seen in Marc’s Room

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

As already knows the fate that Marc will experience, where when still in the flashback and Marc’s room, there is a vase full of big white reeds, and it has been referring to the reeds in the Field of Reeds. In fact, at the end of episode 5, Marc entered the Field of Redds, where there were many reeds exactly like the one in Marc’s room.

11. Marc Highlights Bushman’s Name

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

Bushman is one of the Moon Knight villains in the comic version, but Bushman only goes by the name in the MCU version. In episode 5, when Marc and Steven visit Marc’s past before becoming Moon Knight, they learn that Layla’s father was the victim of Marc’s actions. In addition, marc revealed that his mercenary was named Bushman.

12. The Rituals of Konshu Are The Same as those in the Comic Version

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

Moon Knight episode 5 finally shows how Konshu possessed marc Spector, but what’s interesting is his portrayal. When Konshu performs the ritual on Marc, Marc’s eyes turn white with khonshu’s flowing power. The portrayal in the scene feels like a deliberate homage to Moon Knight #1 of 2021 by Jed MacKay, in which he portrays Marc Spector’s origins in much the same way.

13. Astronaut Marc’s Toy Is Like Referring to the Fourth Alter

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

In addition to Tomb Buster, Marc Spector’s other childhood obsessions were decorated in his room space. Around his bedroom, it turned out that there were various astronaut toys and rocket models scattered around. The spaceman toy may be very interesting to Marc, but it’s like referring to one of the Marvel comics that Marc changed, namely the unnamed astronaut from Jeff Lemire’s run.

14. There are Toy Scales in Marc’s Room

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

When still in the flashback of Marc’s memory, it can be seen when little Marc was sitting in the corner the existence of toys in the form of scales, and the scales are similar and may refer to the scales live in the afterlife Marc and Steven. It’s possible that the toy didn’t exist because it could have been a reminder between Marc and Steven.

15. Poster Honoring Moon Knight Creator

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

When Steven sees a tomb buster poster explaining his secret origins, the first name among his credits is Doug Perlin. Inferred, it is in memory of Doug Moench and Don Perlin, the duo responsible for creating moon knight in 1975.

16. The Last Name of Trevor Waterson

Easter Eggs Moon Knight Episode 5

As Marc drank outside his mother’s funeral, “Waterson: Food & Liquor” was visible. Waterson’s name is the name of Trevor Waterson, the co-executive who produced every Disney+ MCU TV series so far, including Moon Knight. So it is one of the tributes to the services of Trevor Waterson.

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