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Rumor: DiRT Rally 3 Canceled, Codemasters Working on New WRC

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DiRT Rally 3
DiRT Rally 3

DiRT Rally 3 – Recent reports reveal that development on DiRT Rally 3 was canceled and Codemasters is now working on a new World Rally Championship (WRC).

DiRT Rally 3
DiRT Rally 3

This information first appeared via Tom Henderson (via eXputer).

DiRT Rally 3 Canceled? Codemasters Focus on New WRC

Tom Henderson reports that Codemasters’ “most ambitious and biggest” AAA game job roster for August 2021 is WRC.

On June 1, 2020, GamesIndustry.biz previously reported that Codemasters signed an exclusive five-year contract from 2023 – 2027 to develop and publish games based on the FIA ​​World Rally Championship franchise.

Despite previous claims that Codemasters is committed to the DiRT franchise, Henderson points out that this is no longer the case. Henderson notes that DiRT Rally 3 appears to be canceled in late 2021 and Codemasters is now focusing on F1, GRID, and WRC.

Henderson added that this shift in focus began in February 2022, with DiRT’s official Twitter account changing to @EASPORTSRally. The account also now goes by the name “EA SPORTS Rally”.

New WRC Scheduled for Release in 2023

Henderson stated that it is still unclear when this new WRC game will be announced, but that it is slated for release in 2023.

But unfortunately, the development of this game may be off to a rocky start. Codemasters employees imply to Henderson that they are currently experiencing major issues within their QA department.

Codemasters which had around 200 employees in the QA department a few months ago has been reduced to around 120. According to four individuals, the main problem lies in the leadership of Codemasters and EA resulting in poor management of the QA department.

For now, we can only wait for confirmation from EA and Codemasters.

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