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Company of Heroes 3 Launches Pre-Alpha Multiplayer Phase This Week

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Company of Heroes 3
Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 – Four months ago, SEGA officially introduced us to the Company of Heroes 3. This Legendary WW2-themed RTS game finally made its first appearance through its newest trailer. Having beautiful visuals from The Essence Engine, SEGA is ready to open the Pre-Alpha Multiplayer Company of Heroes 3 stage for this week. Approximately when will it be launched?

Company of Heroes 3
Company of Heroes 3

Some time ago, we received news that the Company of Heroes 3 opened its first Pre-Alpha stage from July 13, 2021, to August 3. After sliding for a whole week, the Pre-Alpha of this game ended up pretty sweet. Even gamers admit that Pre-Alpha runs according to fans’ expectations even though the content is still limited.

Company of Heroes 3’s Pre-Alpha Multiplayer Phase Ready to Launch this Week

To satisfy its old fans, SEGA finally decided to open this phase again with a Multiplayer Mode. We have obtained this information directly through their Twitter account. As you can see, the new Pre-Alpha Multiplayer phase will launch on December 1, 2021, for free. As for the time limit, it seems they still haven’t determined for sure. So don’t miss it.

Continuing this, PC users can already do Pre-Load, which is available today. Along with this, you can also register through their site below. Meanwhile, the content they provide will contain PVP, Co-Op, and AI Skirmish modes. So far, we haven’t received any news about the Preview of the Campaign Mode, which reportedly has a vast map.

Bring the Concept of a Turn-Based Campaign Like Heart of Iron

Just a reminder that Company of Heroes 3 will offer a Dynamic Campaign with a Turn-Based concept in the style of Heart of Iron. In addition, they also introduced the Tactical Pause feature to make it easier for players to move many troops. You can later easily give Command to each squad of soldiers ranging from Tanks, Planes, Soldiers to Artillery.

For those of you who can’t wait, Company of Heroes 3 doesn’t want to show the exact release date yet. However, SEGA itself plans to release this game in 2022. Later you can enjoy the game exclusively through the PC platform. As usual, you can also try this Pre-Alpha game first through the Steam Store Digital Platform. What do you think, are you interested?

Company of Heroes 3

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