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Chris Pratt in Mario Movies Doesn’t Use Italian Accent

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Chris Pratt in Mario Movies
Chris Pratt in Mario Movies

Chris Pratt in Mario Movies: For the past few days, Chris Pratt has become a hot topic of discussion among gamers or film fans. The reason is, at the Nintendo Direct 2021 performances ago, they officially announced the Cast of the Mario film adaptation. Not long after the news emerged, it was reported that Chris Pratt would not use an Italian accent when playing a role in Mario. What is the reason? Let’s follow the discussion of 1FIFTYFOUR News on this one.

Chris Pratt in Mario Movies
Chris Pratt in Mario Movies

Born in Virginia, the United States, Chris Pratt is certainly no stranger to you film fans. The reason is, this one actor has often starred in many famous films until now. What made him so famous was his role as Star-Lord in the Guardian of Galaxy film. His success made Chris Pratt chosen to be Nintendo’s Video Game Mascot, Mario.

Co-Producer Advises Chris Pratt Not to Use Italian Accent

Unfortunately, through the latest report, we got through IGN’s website, the Co-Producer, Chris Meledandri, said that Chris Pratt would not use an Italian accent in the Mario movie. He reasoned that it might interfere with the actor’s performance while acting. Nevertheless, Chris still reassured fans that Chris Pratt’s voice was “phenomenal.”

Continuing this, he also admits that he completely understands that the fans don’t like the decision. He still brings a slight Italian accent, but he doesn’t fully use it in the film. Indirectly, Chris hinted that an Italian accent was not suitable even for Charlie Day (playing Luigi), whose origin is also from Italy. Then, we can only wait for the results.

Production Will Get Full Control of Illumination Studios

Speaking of production, the Mario film itself will have direct control by Illumination Studios. Just a reminder that Illumination Studios was previously responsible for producing animated films Minions and Despicable Me. Of course, choosing this legendary studio to develop a film adaptation of a Video Game is the very right decision.

If you can’t wait, the animated film from Super Mario Bros. has been in development for four years since 2017. You will be able to see the movie in 2022. Unfortunately, for the time being, they haven’t officially set a launch date yet. So, what do you think, are you interested in watching this film?

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