9 World War II Free Steam Games That You Can Directly Download

9 Fun World War II Themed Free Steam Games \
9 Fun World War II Themed Free Steam Games That You Can Directly Download

Originally posted on Oktober 31, 2021 @ 8:29 PM

Want to get back into the Pacific and European Theaters during World War II at no cost? Here are 9 of the best WWII-themed free-to-play picks on Steam.

World War II Free Steam Games, world War II-themed games are always fun to enjoy. Compared to modern warfare, World War II Free Steam Games which usually favors air superiority and makes air vehicles a substitute, ordinary soldiers, tanks, planes, and other equipment feel more balanced when entering the European, Pacific, and African theaters during World War II.

So, instead of throwing money away to feel the ferocity of the battle between the Allies and the Axis, it’s a good idea to try these free or free-to-play titles about World War II on Steam.

Note: the data on the number of players the author took from the Steam Charts list belonging to the Steam Database or SteamDB site, a site that (as the name implies) collects various kinds of data about Valve’s digital store.

1. War Thunder

One of the most popular WWII free-to-play games on Steam that combines air, land, and sea combat. Even so, War Thunder presents World War II-era vehicles and several pre-World War I combat vehicles, the Vietnam War and the Cold War, to the Iraq War. There are 22,161 active players in the game as of this writing.

Download War Thunder on Steam

2. Heroes & Generals

World War II Free Steam Games
World War II Free Steam Games

If you are looking for a colossal war FPS like Battlefield or Red Orchestra but don’t want to spend money, then Heroes & Generals is the best choice. As Allied or Axis soldiers, you and your team must work together to capture 15 different cities to win the War in one period. There are 1,640 active players in this game.

Download Heroes & Generals on Steam

3. World of Tanks

Tired of playing as an ordinary soldier and wanting to fight in armored vehicles? As the title implies, World of Tanks presents more than 600 choices of tanks from World War II to the Cold War.

A total of 1,447 people are playing it on Steam, but this game has its launcher, and you can’t transfer data from the old version to the Steam version. So maybe that’s why the number of players seems small in Valve’s digital store.

Download World of Tanks on Steam

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4. World of Tanks Blitz

World War II Free Steam Games
World War II Free Steam Games

Want to play World of Tanks, but PC specs are mediocre? Maybe you can try the Blitz version. Not only does it provide a choice of 250 different tanks from around the world and 7-vs-7 matches, but this game also features cross-play between iOS, Android, Mac OS, and PC. Not counting mobile users, there are 20,245 active players in the game at the moment.

Download World of Tanks Blitz on Steam

5. Call of War: World War 2

Who said free-to-play World War II games had to be action or shooter? For strategy fans, you can taste Call of War: World War 2, which has a gameplay similar to Hearts of Iron. Even so, the pay-to-win element is a bit heavy, so you might be overwhelmed when dealing with players who are willing to burn their money. This game has 219 active players as of this writing.

Download Call of War: World War 2 on Steam

6. World of Warships

World War II Free Steam Games
World War II Free Steam Games

If you prefer naval battles and big ships, then you should download World of Warships. Providing 459 types of boats, in addition to 12-vs-12 PVP battles, you can also play PVE against ordinary bots or face Scenario mode with unique missions alone or with friends. A total of 9,087 people are playing this game.

Download World of Warships on Steam

7. World of Warplanes

World War II Free Steam Games
World War II Free Steam Games

Already tanks, so ordinary soldiers already, ships too. Well, it’s just a plane. Besides War Thunder, another option that is certainly not interesting is World of Warplanes. There are more than 100 aircraft from around the world, including fighters, bombers, and prototypes that were not used in World War II. It’s a shame it’s not as popular as its rival titles, and there are only 94 players at the time of writing this article.

Download World of Warplanes on Steam

8. Order of Battle: World War II

Besides Call of War: World War 2, another free-to-play strategy title that you can play is Order of Battle: World War II. Although the story mode tutorial is quite challenging and not short, unfortunately, you need to spend Rp to open other modes, including multiplayer. 96,000 for each expansion pack. This game has 206 active players.

Download Order of Battle: World War II on Steam

9. KARDS – The WWII Card Game

World War II Free Steam Games
World War II Free Steam Games

If you want to try a World War II game with different gameplay than usual, you can play the KARDS card game. This game has 820 active players at the time of writing.

Download KARDS – The WWII Card Game on Steam

That’s a list of nine of the best free-to-play World War II games that you can download on Steam. Stay tuned for information about other games and anime, and don’t forget to follow 1FIFTYFOUR Facebook, World War II Free Steam Games.


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