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5 Games That Have Received Positive Bomb Reviews

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Positive Bomb Reviews

Positive Bomb Reviews – Although rare, five games have received positive bomb reviews! So what games have experienced this rare occurrence?

Bomb reviews are synonymous with negative things. Well, usually, game reviews are given to games that are deemed unsuitable in the eyes of gamers, so to get the attention of these developers, gamers flock to give negative reviews to the intended game so that the developer immediately fixes it.

Even though it is attached to negative things, review bombs have also been used to evaluate a game positively. Several well-known games received positive bomb reviews from gamers. In your opinion, what games have succeeded in getting positive bomb reviews from these gamers? Here’s the full review!

1. Balan Wonderworld Positive Bomb Reviews

Positive Bomb Reviews

Wonderworld Balan is an action platformer developed by developer Sonic the Hedgehog. Here Square Enix helps publish this game, where Square Enix has released many exciting games.

Unfortunately, this game demo received a lot of criticism because the game was considered less polished with disappointing gameplay. Finally, the game launched without any pre-release reviews. This causes the game to have mixed reviews of positive and negative.

But suddenly, the positive reviews of this game then exploded and more than the negatives. Yes, gamers think this game is extraordinary even though this game has many shortcomings in the eyes of critics. Even this game gets perfect reviews!

2. Fall Guys Positive Bomb Reviews

Positive Bomb Reviews

Fall Guys from a developer called Mediatonic had experienced a positive bomb review when it launched in August 2021. With a flood of players trying to enjoy this game and buying the content, the Fall Guys server even experienced problems.

Mediatonic ended up shutting down the servers for a short period to carry out maintenance which caused a wave of negative reviews. After the developers showed negative reviews on Twitter, some gamers conducted another review bomb to balance the review results.

3. Death Stranding Positive Bomb Reviews

Positive Bomb Reviews

Similar to Fall Guys, when Death Stranding was released in 2019, this game received many negative reviews. Gamers find the reviews of this game extremely slow and lack action. Even this game is considered a very boring walking simulator.

But on the other hand, many gamers are then satisfied with the quality of this game to give positive bomb reviews to the game. Yes, this is done to balance game reviews to make it more balanced, of course.

4. Assassin’s Creed Unity Positive Bomb Reviews

Positive Bomb Reviews

In the past, this game was hated so much for being sub-optimal and released in an unfit state. But a few years after this game, precisely when Notre Dame experienced a tragedy in 2019, Ubisoft took a quick step. Yes, they make this game free.

Ubisoft promised to donate a large amount of money and released Unity to players for free. Many praised this method to receive positive reviews from many gamers. This is one of the most extraordinary things, of course.

5. No Man’s Sky Positive Bomb Reviews

Positive Bomb Reviews

When it was released, this game received very, very negative reviews from gamers. So many shortcomings make this game finally hated to get a bad score. But then the developer tried to improve many things until finally making this game has many exciting things and has its characteristics.

So then this game gets a bomb review from gamers that makes its value and name rise again as a game worth playing.

Positive Bomb Reviews

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