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15 Weird Facts about Ultron, The Strongest Enemy in Marvel What If Animation

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The Marvel What If animated series is approaching its finale. Of course, it’s getting more exciting with the presence of Ultron, who gets the five infinity stones obtained from Thanos. This is the episode that Marvel fans have been waiting for. It’s the decisive episode of whether the Marvel What If can enter another world or not. Besides discussing the main character in this final episode, Ultron, it turns out that there are many strange and surprising facts about this figure.

  1. Ultron Is A Mystery Villain

Ultron’s debut began in the Avengers: Age of Ultron series created by Hank Pym in Marvel comics. Plus, the presence of Ultron can be said to be very mysterious at the beginning and is still very secret by the creators. Previously Ultron disguised himself in a red cloak and summoned himself a Crimson Cowl, brainwashing Tony Stark’s aide Jarvis.

  1. Has the same brain as Hank Pym

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe version, Ultron was created by Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Still, in the comic version, Ultron was created by Hank Pym. In its creation, Hank Pym himself gave Ultron an intelligent brain structure that even matched his own brain. Hank Pym uses his own mind as a template for Ultron’s brain development. Of course, this gives Ultron an advantage over its creators.

  1. Ultron Falls In Love With Wasp

Who would have thought that Ultron would fall in love with Janet van Dyne’s version of Wasp? Because Ultron has the same brain structure as its creator, Hank Pym, which makes Janet van Dyne a valuable and exciting figure in Ultron’s eyes. Of course, Ultron loved Janet van Dyne as much as his own mother because Hank Pym was the father who created Ultron.

  1. It turns out that Ultron created Vision

In his story in Marvel Comics, it turns out that Ultron indirectly created Vision. At that time, he kidnapped the creator of the Human Torch and forced himself to use the structure built from the Human Torch to create Vision. Of course, Horton is not stupid. He instilled kindness into Vision so that Vision became an excellent figure and would fight Ultron later.

  1. Ultron Creates His Own Girlfriend

Even though he is a robot, it turns out that Ultron can also feel lonely and needs a life partner, especially when he likes Janet van Dyne. Until one day, Ultron controls the mind, and Hank Pym creates a robot that contains life essence from Janet van Dyne named Jocasta. Indeed that didn’t happen until Janet van Dyne warned the Avengers and managed to bring his mind back into his own body.

  1. Ultron Betrayed His Own Creation

As happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Ultron was destroyed by Vision. Of course, Ultron doesn’t realize that his own creation will betray him. Moreover, Vision’s abilities are much better than Ultron’s Mind Stone. In addition, Ultron also creates a new partner named Alkhema, who unfortunately disagrees with Ultron and opposes him.

  1. Ultron Was Once A Girl

So much in love with Janet van Dyne, Ultron turned out to have turned into a woman who was very similar to Janet van Dyne. The incident occurred when the Avengers fought with Mole Man, and Ultron arrived wearing a female-shaped armor similar to Janet van Dyne. At first, the Avengers did not know the figure until, in the end, the Avengers found out that the figure was the latest version of Ultron.

  1. Once Possessed Adam Warlock

Although Ultron is a villain from Earth, Ultron can disrupt the galaxy. Like when Ultron managed to enter the body of Adam Warlock where it became a colossal disaster. Ultron enters Adam Warlock’s body by becoming a metallic version of the Wasp and taking his consciousness. Of course, with the incredible power of Adam Warlock, Ultron can do as he pleases.

  1. Has Super Speed ​​Ability

Ultron himself has many unique abilities that make him a Super Villain on earth. One of them is the ability to move quickly like Quicksilver and Flash. Of course, this ability will be very dangerous and can even kill and escape quickly from the reach of superheroes. Of course, this ability is not presented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because it will be challenging to fight Ultron with this ability.

  1. Once with Hank Pym

In the comic series with the title Rage of Ultron, the focus is on the relationship between Ultron and Hank Pym. At one point, Ultron used Vision’s invisibility power and managed to get into Hank Pym’s body quickly and tend to control him. The result is terrible, where Ultron and Hank Pym together control multiple robots simultaneously.

  1. Has Telepathic Ability

Ultron’s abilities can indeed be very terrible and evolve with several new skills, one of which is telepathy. Ultron’s telepathic ability is arguably very significant, where he can defeat the Fantastic Four. Plus, Ultron can control thoughts like Loki, who can influence the minds of many people.

  1. Ultron Kills the Scarlet Witch

Who would have thought that Ultron became obsessed with young superheroes like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch? The relationship between Wanda and Pietro is exceptional, and Ultron doesn’t like the connection. There was an incident where Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were enjoying the snow in New York City, and Ultron sneaked up and shot Wanda. Unfortunately, Pietro couldn’t save his own sister.

  1. Ultron Has Robot Fleas

Of the many abilities of Ultron, one that is reasonably deadly is the robot fleas or Robo-Ticks. Where Ultron can manipulate all programs and robots easily using Robo-Ticks. You could say Robo-Ticks are the most effective weapons because they are difficult to detect by Superheroes or Avengers. You could say Robo-Ticks become Ultron’s ultimate weapon if it is pressed.

  1. Ultron Had Become A Yellow Jacket

After killing Scarlet Witch, Ultron made a massive expansion into Ultimate Ultron. Ultimately, Ultron took the identity of his own creator, Hank Pym, and became Yellow Jacket. One of his most important missions is killing Magneto and going on a rampage with great force. Then Captain America, Wasp, Giant-Man, Iron Man, and Thor managed to fight with Ultron’s version of Yellow Jacket and defeat him by ripping off his head.

  1. Ultron Has A Great Shield

As Ultron evolves, the more powerful it will be, as the Dunia Games team explained at the initial point. One ability that is quite great is the force field which becomes a shield to defend when receiving an attack. One of the attacks that Ultron can withstand is from the Human Torch and Magneto, which makes it impossible for both characters to defeat.


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