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10 Facts About Will Poulter, The Figure of “You Guys Are Getting Paid” and the Cast of Adam Warlock

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Recently, Will Poulter has been in the spotlight again because James Gunn’s statement confirms that he will be Adam Warlock in Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 3. Of course, Marvel fans are excited again, considering Will Poulter has a funny face and has become a meme “You Guys Are Getting Paid” could play Adam Warlock. It turns out that there are some surprising facts about Will Poulter that many fans don’t know.

10. Will Poulter’s First Film Debut

Will Poulter

Getting his first role as Lee Carter in the film Son of Rambow made Will Poulter increasingly convinced that the world of acting and the big screen was his way of life. Appearing as a cute and adorable child, he made the directors glance at him to act in several subsequent films such as Chronicle of Narnia and many more. Surely Son of Rambow would be a great stepping stone for Will Poulter.

9. Increasingly Known as the “You Guys Are Getting Paid” Meme

Will Poulter

Will’s face is getting more and more famous with the meme “You Guys Are Getting Paid” circulating in cyberspace. In addition to being funny, these memes can also be a hilarious means of communication and are closely related to various events experienced by many people. The meme “You Guys Are Getting Paid” itself comes from the film We’re the Millers, which tells the story of a family of drug dealers from Mexico to America.

8. The key to his success is his mother

Will Poulter

Of course, some people provide great support behind someone’s success, which happened in Will’s life. His mother gave great support to Will in a career in acting and also the big screen. Of course, Will also doesn’t forget his mother and provides all the best to increase his success in acting and the big screen.

7. Become a Unique Figure in Each Film

Will Poulter

Will Poulter is often a funny person but also annoying at times. Starting from his role in The Chronicles of Narnia, he became Eustace, a child who was annoying and always bothered his cousins ​​until, in the end, Eustace was cursed to become a dragon and managed to become a good figure. Then his role in Maze Runner was annoying at first, but very helpful in later sequels became a highlight in itself.

6. Getting Several Awards

Will Poulter

Will Poulter is not only a talented actor but also an achiever in his career. The proof is that he won several MTV Movie Awards ranging from “Best Breakthrough Performance” and “Best Kiss.” Plus, Will Poultry beat several prominent actors and actresses such as Lupita Nyong’o, Dane Dehaan, and George MacKay, who certainly have great and promising talents.

5. Inspired by His Drama Teacher

Will Poulter

At first, Will Poultry himself was hesitant to enter the world of acting and the big screen. Still, thanks to his teacher, Laura Lawson, who became a drama teacher at the Harrodian School where Will studied, Will finally plunged into his first film and cast Lee Carter in Son of Rambow. Not expecting to be accepted, it turned out to be the first stepping stone for Will’s career in acting.

4. Was a Writer and Producer

Will Poulter

Not just an actor, but he has also been a producer and writer. Will once wrote five episodes of a television comedy series called School of Comedy. In addition, he also produced a short film with a plea for Grimsby in 2015, makes Will Poulter a person who has a lot of expertise and talent in his field.

3. Been a Video Game Character Dubber

Will Poulter

The contribution of Will Poulter is also quite a lot, starting from the world of acting and even being a dubber for one of the characters in a Video Game. Maybe you’ve heard of Andrew’s character in a horror game called The Dark Pictures: Little Hope. In addition, he also resembles Sid from Toy Story 1, which made him cosplay the character.

2. Will Poulter Have Own Production House

Will Poulter

Being an actor, writer, and producer, he also has his own production house called Gold Soil. Will himself formed the production house in 2013 together with several of his actor friends from London and the famous producer Sebastian Denis de Souza to create a platform for lesser-known actors to shine even more.

1. Will Poulter is ready to enter the MCU as Adam Warlock

Will Poulter

This surprising news is arguably not a rumor because James Gunn himself confirmed it through his Twitter account. Adam Warlock himself had been rumored and became a post-credit on Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Will Poulter reiterated he would play Adam Warlock later in Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3. Of course, this is an opportunity for Will Poulter to be even more successful. Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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