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10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece – Here are some facts from Sunny Go in One Piece, the ship that brought the Straw Hats to the New World!

The Thousand Sunny or Sunny Go is a ship that Franky made for the Straw Hats as a sign of his gratitude for defeating CP9. Franky himself eventually joined the Straw Hats. The author wants to discuss various facts about Sunny Go in One Piece on this occasion!

1. Ship Type

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

One Piece author Eiichiro Oda diligently incorporates exciting things into the story, including the ship’s shape. The two ships owned by the Straw Hat Pirates were made as closely as possible to real ships.

The Thousand Sunny itself is a Carrack-type ship which refers to a sailing ship developed in the 14th century. This type of ship is also often referred to as a two or three-masted ship, so it is quite comfortable to ride a group of people.

2. Ingredients

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

Even though the Going Merry was a spectacular ship, it couldn’t survive if it continued to sail on the Grand Line for long, especially since it didn’t have a shipbuilder. Sunny is certainly much more durable because it was made by Adam Wood, the strongest wood found in the One Piece world.

Thanks to the money Franky stole from Usopp, he could get Adam Wood from the black market. In the end, he ended up using it to build his dream ship, The Thousand Sunny.

3. Size

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

The Thousand Sunny was a fairly large ship, just as Franky had always dreamed of. Approximately twice the size of the Going Merry. Apart from being exceptional at sailing, the Thousand Sunny has enough room for all crew.

Examples include Zoro’s training room, Sanji’s kitchen, and other rooms. Interestingly, each of the Straw Hats requested certain things to be added to the Sunny, and Franky made sure to include all of them when building this awesome ship.

4. Sunny Go head

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

The Thousand Sunny has an animal head on the front, much like the Going Merry. Merry has a sheep’s head, while Sunny has the face of a lion with a mane on the front. Funnily enough, the head is often mistaken for something else, like when Galley-La mistook it for sunflower and then mistook it for sun during manufacture.

Despite this, Sunny’s head is a match for the Straw Hat Pirates, as Luffy wanted at first glance. The rest of the crew seemed to feel the same way about the ship.

5. His Shooting Power

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

Even though the Thousand Sunny wasn’t the strongest ship in firepower, it didn’t mean it was weak. The Sunny might not be strong enough to eradicate islands like Pluton, one of the Ancient Weapons could, but he had much power.

From what we have seen, the Sunny is known to have a total of sixteen cannons. Fourteen of them were on the ship’s side, with seven linings on each side. One of the two remainings, Cannon Gaon, was at the ship’s head, while the Coup de Burst was at the rear.

6. Ship Resistance

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

Crafted from Adam Wood, it’s not surprising that the Thousand Sunny is a powerful ship. This fact is confirmed by Jinbei, who claims that the Sunny becomes an invincible ship with the right navigator and a professional.

Not only that, Sunny became stronger with the presence of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji’s powers, who were able to face various threats when Nami and Jinbei wanted to take her to a safe place.

7. Soldier Dock System

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

The Sunny has some special features known as the Soldier Dock System, which can be accessed via the ship’s steering wheel. Through the knobs on the wheels, different ship compartments can be selected, and each has a special feature, thanks to the incredible craftsmanship of Franky and Galley La.

The compartment can be opened using a nearby lever after its contents can be accessed. The lever can also be used to initiate the Coup de Burst.

8. Log Pose

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

The Sunny Go has a Log Pose mounted behind the ship’s rudder, which helps ship navigation. Since the crew made it to New World after the time skip, the Log Pose has been updated, which works better.

Like the Log Pose on Nami’s wrist, the newer Log Pose has three needles instead of just one because the regular Log Pose doesn’t work in New World.

9. Ship Room

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

Sunny Go has men’s and women’s rooms in it. According to Oda’s plan for Sunny, the boys’ rooms are on the first floor, while the girls’ rooms are one floor above them on the second.

The men’s and women’s rooms have a washroom right at the entrance. In addition to the items there, there is also an emergency bell that can be used when the Thousand Sunny sails across the New World. It could be said that this ship had very mature preparations for sailing.

10. Coup de Burst

10 Facts about Sunny Go One Piece

In an emergency, such as when being chased by a group of Navy ships, the Sunny Go can use the Coup de Burst, a special air cannon that shoots the ship into the sky and allows it to cover a distance of 1 km in the air.

According to Franky, the Coup de Burst serves to escape in an emergency. The Straw Hats first used Coup de Burst when Garp started chasing them towards the end of the Water Seven plot.

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